Jethro Lmi

Certified Business Leader

What is the CBL?

The Certified Business Leader Program is a professional training program sponsored by the International Institute of Leadership Studies (the IILS). The CBL Program develops and enhances general management skills and prepares individuals to take the CBL Certification exams.
Leadership is vitally important in organizations today. The world is changing so fast that many organizations and even countries are getting left behind because they do not have true leadership. There is a scarcity of leadership in the world. Organizations have too few leaders.

We need leaders who can be role models and be willing to develop the leaders of tomorrow and not hold on to their power but share it.
We need leaders who have a vision and can inspire that vision in others. Those who can put that picture of the future that is in their mind into the mind of their followers.
We need leaders who will remove the obstacles out of the path of their followers and develop them – not trip them up.
We need leaders who are not afraid to ask difficult questions. Those who challenge convention and do not always accept the status quo.
We need leaders who can create an environment that people want to work in; any environment where autonomy, feedback, job significance, and job identity are the order of the day. Where employees feel welcome, wanted, and valued for whom they are and what they contribute.