Jethro Lmi

About Jethro-LMI

In 2009, Jethro-LMI was brought into being internationally recognized institution and established its head quarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to reach Sub-Saharan region in Africa. Its founders believed that proven and practical leadership skills and competent management/administration practice would be the most important precondition for the development and restructuring. That is why they set up affiliation with internationally recognized professionals’ development institutions to provide practical knowledge, skill and experience in general management and leadership issues to development actors.
In the first few years of its existence, Jethro-LMI provided International certifications for Business and Public organizations. From 2011 onwards by adopting other courses and services the Institute gradually started to gain momentum and expand its target groups.
At present, the Institute serves the public sectors, non-profit organizations, international organizations, small and medium-size enterprises as well as professional associations.

The Institute was strongly supported by James Madison Univerity’s Institute of Certified Professional Manager, U.S.A. With the help of their assistance
it became possible to transfer profound practical knowledge in General Management and Leadership skill development for high-profile individuals who came from different sectors and backgrounds. Having such starting position, Jethro-LMI manages to overcome the first phase institutional development and blossomed into a professional and reliable organization within a short period of time.
During these years Jethro-LMI designed and developed a number of customized educational and training products or projects of its own. Today, its portfolio includes professional international certifications, short-term training courses and provides consultancy & research services on many issues. Jethro-LMI has offered more than 100 short-term training courses, retrained over 7500 participants and implemented some large and small-scale projects.


“To be a Center of Excellence in world-class education, training, professional qualification, consultancy and research services in East Africa”


“To provide world-class modular and demand-driven education, training, professional qualification, consultancy and research services”


Jethro-LMI stands for Accountability, Professionalism, Excellence, Positive Attitude, Integrity and quality of service, leading the way with bold new concepts and constantly striving for excelled services in all industry sectors.

Continuous Improvement

  • The entire staff; including executives, instructors, instructor trainers, and curriculum development managers are constantly looking for improvements to its processes and programs

  • Clients are private individuals as well as organizations who wish to enhance their competitive edge and professionalism.

  • provides its services in the form of delivering open courses, training and consultancies tailored to specific needs.

  • also implements the theme-based projects funded by various donors and sponsors oriented at supporting the education and development of individuals or organizations.

  • services and training courses are aimed at all types of organizations. Namely: Public, non-profit making organizations, Public institutions, International organizations working on development projects, Small and medium businesses, Social enterprises, Also individuals/ particular persons wishing to enhance their qualification