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Jethro-LMI is ‘Leaders and Organizations Development Institute’ designed to provide specialized top-level management and leadership training, international professional certifications, research, and management consultancy services throughout all sectors.
Jethro-LMI positions itself as International Institution to develop globally competent professionals and organizations by being an authorized institute, to provide globally renowned professional certification programs

History of Foundation

13 Years
of Experience

In 2009, Jethro-LMI was brought into being internationally recognized institution and established its head quarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to reach Sub-Saharan region in Africa. Its founders believed that proven and practical leadership skills and competent management/administration practice would be the most important precondition for the development and restructuring. That is why they set up affiliation with internationally recognized professionals’…

In the first few years of its existence, Jethro-LMI provided International certifications for Business and Public organizations. From 2011 onwards by adopting other courses and services the Institute gradually started to gain momentum and expand its target groups. At present, the Institute serves the public sectors, non-profit organizations, International organizations, small and medium size enterprises as well as professional associations.







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